Below are the instructions for both the tank and battery.  Be sure to fill your tank while the solution is still warm.  Once it cools off, the solution will become very thick and hard to work with.  If you have left over mixed solution, keep it in the glass jar.  When you're ready to refill your tank, re-heat the leftover mixed solution for 10 seconds in the microwave.  Remember to let your tank set for a five minutes after filling, so that the wick can become saturated.  The pre-heat function can be initiated by clicking the button twice on the battery.  It's a personal staff favorite to use pre-heat to take a long drag of your herbal concentrates.  Simply double press the button, then begin inhaling until the button's LEDs turn off.

If you're using the provided tank on a different battery/mod be sure to start at 4-5 watts, and do not exceed 9-10 (as you might burn your tank).
Herbal Suspension Instructions